Wednesday, May 19, 2010

opening weekend YCTIWY

opening weekend is over and we're preparing for another three shows this weekend! I'm supposed to be at a pick up rehearsal right now, but unfortunately due to a power outage we were not able to rehearse. but that does mean I have a little extra time, which includes updating my blog!

the first three shows went very very well. every night there was new energy from the audience, and new mishaps on stage (in the final moments of saturday's show the couch was broken!) hopefully this weekend's shows will be even better. we've definitely taken strides forward, and it's been very fun to see everyone growing and learning from each other.

here are a couple rehearsal photos, taken for the newspaper and our archives:

here is the official poster for our production. these are posted all over school as well as around the community!

like I said, we have three more performances, then I am auditioning for another show on sunday. also, I have a scene from Sheridan's "The Rivals" that I am performing in acting class this friday. it has certainly been a big week for memorizing! more to come :)

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