Saturday, February 20, 2010


I had two auditions yesterday. one fake, one real. during acting class we had a fake director come in and we had to perform monologues as well as do cold readings. it was very interesting and intimidating.. the "director" was very rude (he would cut us off when we were talking, etc.) and because of that, I learned a few important lessons. first and foremost, I learned that in auditions you HAVE to be confident. even though we sat and watched the director's behavior, it was extremely essential to walk up in front of him and be confident. those who walked up shy and unsure of themselves were sure to be disrespected. in the real world, directors are on a time schedule and they don't want to waste their time. the second thing I learned is you have to be yourself. they don't care about much, just how you look and how you act. you have a very short time to impress a director, and you have to be prepared to do so. don't try to be something you're not. it won't help your cause.

my real audition also taught me a few things. it wasn't until I made the decision to read for the role that I realized how much I really wanted the part. and so, going into the auditions I was very nervous because I wanted the role so badly. half way through the audition, my competition showed up, and stayed in the room to watch the rest of my scenes. I felt very awkward because I knew the other woman who was auditioning. I had to come to the realization that this will happen again later on in my career. in the acting world, there will be times when your competition is your best friend. although I haven't found out whether or not I got the part, i've realized that if I don't get it, it is because i'm not the best person for that part. the director has to put on the best show possible, and if I don't get the part it is not because I am a bad actor.

there will always be more plays. and there is much comfort in knowing that.

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