Thursday, February 4, 2010

first post.

why blog? honestly, i've thought about this question a lot. I have a couple friends who have started blogs, mostly photographers that have interesting things to say and photographs to display. I, however, no longer consider myself an avid photographer. i'm just a normal girl trying to make her way through college as a theatre student.

so again, why blog? I don't know who is going to read this. blogging is a completely self-indulgent process, and it will continue to stay that way. and so, I want to blog for me. I want to improve my writing. I want to remember how I was feeling throughout my college career. I want to express myself.

if anyone does decide to read this blog, I hope that maybe you will get a laugh or get inspired by my random ramblings of life as a college theatre student. if not, at least i'll have a new outlet, a new escape. isn't that what we are all searching for anyway?

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