Monday, February 8, 2010

case of the mondays

yes, it's true. I have a case of the mondays. i'm tired and definitely unmotivated to go to a geology class very soon. but! there are a lot of very exciting things going on in the world of the university theatre! tickets for the "An Ideal Husband" go on sale today! it's been such an overwhelming and tiring process to do my first college show, but the rewards have been greater than I could ever imagine.

we have our first full costume, hair, and make-up run through tonight! the press from the local newspapers are coming to take photographs, so needless to say i'm very nervous. but even before all that I have to perform a shakespeare sonnet in acting class today. i've never performed shakespeare, although i've always loved reading his work. so today should definitely be an interesting one!

here is the sonnet i'll be performing:

sonnet #88

when thou shalt be disposed to set me light,
and place my merit in the eye of scorn,
upon thy side against myself i'll fight,
and prove thee virtuous though thou art forsworn.
with mine own weakness being best acquainted,
upon thy part I can set down a story
of faults conceal'd, wherein I am attainted;
that thou in losing me shalt win much glory:
for bending all my loving thoughts on thee,
the injuries that to myself I do,
doing thee vantage, double-vantage me.
such is my love, to thee I belong,
that for thy right, myself will bear all wrong.

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